5 Great Tips for a phased return to work

Most businesses are looking at a 50% return to work in the office, with rolling staff coming in at different times.

Who should come in first, some sensible suggestions below.

1 – Who wants to come back?
Start with the people excited to come back, to create a great positive atmosphere.

2 – Who’s most vulnerable?
Work out who needs to come back to get some TLC from the team to rebuild their enthusiasm.

3 – Who works with who?
If you know certain people tend to clash then try to arrange them coming in on alternate weeks.

4 – Who’s coping well from home?
Some people are working well from home and happy to stay put, if their productivity is on par then let them stay in their happy place, but make sure to offer them the opportunity to come back on a timetable that suits them, this way they will be the most happy with the potential change.

5. Adaptability is everything
Make sure that you are flexible and listen, your assumptions may be wrong and people may want something else that what you imagined, so be open minded.