The Best Accountant Melbourne

The Best Accountant in Melbourne 

At Newmarket Accounts we are always striving to provide the best possible services to our clients. We always recommend that you review the service that you are receiving so you get the best value for your business.  The following are core characteristics that we think define the best accounting and virtual CFO consultancies.  

  1. Listening, the best accountants “listen” to what your challenges are and focus their attention on helping you solve those problems. This customer-centric approach is critical to your success.
  2. The best accountants speak your language and explain things in non-technical terms so that you can understand what levers can be adjusted to your businesses best advantage. 
  3. The best accountants are also flexible and adapt to new projects, work cultures and colleagues easily and have the right mix of soft skills / technical expertise which allow them to fit in and get the job done. 
  4. Great accountants have discipline and know-how to accomplish the best results in the shortest possible time and are great problem solvers. 
  5. Top accountants are open-minded, innovative, use the latest technology, have up to date knowledge and skills to help you achieve great results. 
  6. Great accountants see the big picture and the small parts that can make it better.  

Conversely if your accountant, does not listen, talks in another language, is stuck in their ways, thinks most issues are not their problems and uses old technology then you will want to re-evaluate and find someone who is proactively looking at the future, how they can get ahead so that you can too. 

Virtual CFO’s will provide items 1 through 6 because it is in their DNA to be forward looking to constantly improve your businesses financial position. This has a positive spin off for them also as your positive referrals to your colleagues equal business growth.