Do you Hire Staff before you have the Work?

Do you Hire Staff before you have the Work? 

Many people ask me about this subject, should I hire staff if I don’t have work for them yet or should I secure the work and then hire..?

The answer is really quite simple, if you answer YES to any of the below then hire away; 

  1. If your company has enough cashflow and money to spend on Business Development and you have analysed the market and know there is a demand that you can tap into; and 

  1. There is and shortage of skilled staff in the area of work in which you are going to hire and so you know that the demand will be high for the new staff members skills.

Conversely, if you see the writing on the wall for some of your services or products then it may be time to look at shifting staff’s focus, undertaking new training or looking to shift your overall business focus. 

At Newmarket Accounts we are expert at helping you understand the metric, numbers and opportunities behind all of these decisions…  

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