Let us help you with

Financial Analysis and Strategy

We can help you with Financial Analysis and Strategy

Love Every Aspect Of Your Business Except The Financials?
Lack The Time Of Patience To Delve Into Your Spreadsheets?
Rather Be Enjoying Time With Family And Friends?​

Let’s Move You Past This Frustration And Into A Place You Feel Confident!​

When it comes to financial analysis, it’s common for business owners to feel like they’ve wandered into foreign territory where the language can be difficult to understand. Newmarket Accounts speaks that language. We provide detailed audits of your business’ current financial standing and interpret the data for you so you can recognise the inefficiencies and the opportunities for future growth. Together, we can construct a strategy that grows your bottom line and empowers you in all your future financial decisions.

With this goal in mind, Newmarket Accounts provides you with:

  • An analysis of financial statements translated for you in no-nonsense terms that reflects the current financial standing and potential growth of your business.
  • Benchmark analysis consisting of a comparative evaluation of your business’ current standing within your industry. This data provides you with sound advice in decision making for your company’s short-term goals and long-term vision.
  • KPI analysis as measured by your current financial statements. By tracking certain KPI variables, Newmarket Accounts can provide unbiased feedback about the overall productivity of your business.
  • Budgeting and forecasting strategies that offer easy-to-understand guidance on where to curb your spending and why, while creating a cash flow positive system that sustains your business as you move forward.

Financial analysis doesn’t need to make you anxious. With expert assistance from Newmarket Accounts, you can delve into spreadsheets with confidence, strategise for your best possible financial outcomes and grow your company in to meet your professional and personal goals.

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