Our Customised


Our Customised Packages of Services

We have built the following packages that can be further customised by your specific requirements.

Our Core Services

Our starting point is to listen to what you need and customise our services to what you want to achieve, and what fits within your budget.

Our services typically fall within the three service lines below, Transactional, Controller or our Premium service, Virtual CFO.

When we give you a quote, the price that you receive is set,  and unless something changes, there will be no hidden costs or added fees. We build a weekly price with you so your costs are fixed, and supply unlimited advice via email. YEs that’s right, you can ask us all the questions that you want via email.  Our clients love not getting bills every time they ask questions and feel great that they can ask anything and not have an extra bill in the mail arrive. 

We aren’t a traditional accountant that you see once per quarter or once per year. We’re an extension of your team!



Typical Client SizeUnder 5 Employees5-15 Employees15+ Employees
Service DescriptionReactiveProactiveStrategic
Onboarding4 weeks6 weeks8 Weeks
Single Touch PayrollYesYesYes
Month End CloseYesYesYes
Financial StatementYesYesYes
Scheduled MeetingsUp to 1x/MonthUp to 2x/MonthUp to 6x/Month
Online SupportUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Company Wide KPISNoYesYes
12 Month ForecastingNoYesYes
Revenue RecognitionNoYesYes
Commission / SalesNoNoYes
Performance by ProjectNoNoYes
Team member performanceNoNoYes
Department PerformanceNoNoYes
Customized Department ReportNoNoYes
Bank RelationshipNoNoYes
Resource PlanningNoNoYes
Individual tax returnOptionalOptionalOptional
Company tax returnOptionalOptionalOptional
Other business tax returnOptionalOptionalOptional
Tax PlanningOptionalOptionalOptional
Need Day to Day Help?
Paying billsOptionalOptionalOptional
Invoicing ClientsOptionalOptionalOptional
Cash Flow ManagementOptionalOptionalOptional
Payroll & Contracts ManagementOptionalOptionalOptional
Employee Expense TrackingOptionalOptionalOptional

Our other Packages

Virtual CFO

Business Start Up package

Setting up your business structure for success from the beginning pay huge dividends.  We have assisted many businesses set up their business structure, software, books etc.  We take the complication out of business set up and accounting services, and support you, to help you achieve your business goals.

We do this by offering the following services in this package:

  • Business Structure
  • Registration
  • Setting up a Budgeting process
  • Tax Planning
  • Agreements
  • Accounting system recommendation
  • Bookkeeping structure recommendation
Virtual CFO

Focused Data Analytics
to improve profits

Newmarket Accounts’ unique approach and methodology can provide you with a single dashboard view of the digital analytics driving your business. You will have a more informed perspective that will enable evidence-based decision making, allowing you to direct time and effort to the areas of your business that need it most.

Many businesses collect a lot of data but do not know who best to analyse this data and so its potential remains untapped. 

The most common challenge our clients face is knowing what they’re looking for; and what to do with data insights to get the most value, this is where we can help.

Data analytics is a powerful tool that can help you remain focused on the key strategies behind your competitive advantage. This technology  allows you to measure your strategic goals, and leverage the interaction and relationships between combinations of goals and strategies. The key is knowing how to apply it.

In simple terms, Newmarket Accounts’ team can help you stay focused on progress against strategic goals and make operational decisions easier by setting up the insights and platforms you need.

Virtual CFO

Tax Planning

Businesses who continuously review their tax planning opportunities and challenges set themselves up for success.

We have seen many a company realise too late that they have missed out on adjustments to their business tax profile that could have saved them thousands of dollars in tax.

Successful tax planning for businesses requires a proactive approach, in-depth knowledge and advanced technical skills in order to optimise

your business structure to achieve the best financial outcomes. Tax planning is a continuous process, not just a once yearly review and then lodging of your tax return. Strategies must be reviewed, reassessed and constantly monitored for changing circumstances, evolving tax legislation and compliance responsibilities in order to get the best returns for your business.  

Our team will work closely with you to fully understand your business, factor in all your sources of income, your short and long term goals, and your personal and business objectives so that we can set you up to optimise your businesses tax position with the goal of reducing your taxes paid and increasing your overall profit. 

The Newmarket Accounts team are tax experts and can assist you with:

  • Tax planning
  • Business Structure Tax advice
  • Business tax returns
  • Financial statements
  • Tax compliance
  • Personal income tax returns

Scale Up Program

“Go to the Next Level” and Scale your business operations through creating consistent business processes

All of your business processes will need to be audited before you start to scale up. This audit will identify where the strengths and weaknesses are. You will then be able to see the process gaps that already exist and come up with strategies to address these before they turn into process bombs that cause you immense problems further down the line. If something isn’t working well with 25 staff and 200 customers, how will it cope with 200 staff and 2,000 customers?

The kind of processes that work with start-ups tend to be very different to those in larger organisations. This is because processes aren’t always a benefit in the world of start-ups, and can get in the way of the flexibility and experimentation that’s needed, but if you are scaling up, it’s time to get serious about processes.  We know from experience that successful businesses undergo distinct stages of growth at different rates and over different time periods which involves scaling established operations and processes as the business grows. 

We have expert experience in delivering right size processes that allow for growth and can assist you with:

  • Business process improvement
  • Quality management systems auditing (ISO9001)
  • Business process Mapping
  • Customer service experience design
  • Product training

Financial modelling
for Future Success

Our Financial modelling can help you understand what your most profitable products and services are, how to optimise your processes to achieve success, predict trends in business activity and how your business should adapt.

Planning, structuring and analysis are integral to the success of your projects and business initiatives. That’s where Newmarket Accounts’ Financial Modelling team comes in.

By working closely with your team and following Newmarket Accounts’ financial modelling protocols, we can assist your business by building a customised financial model specifically designed for your requirements.

We also perform reviews on existing models to test the mathematical accuracy and integrity of the model or to confirm that assumptions have been accurately incorporated.

Our key Financial Modelling services include:

  • Financial model construction
  • Financial model review
  • Project analysis
  • Project feasibility
  • Industry Trend Modelling 
  • Project financing
  • Pricing Modelling 


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