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Bringing focus to your financial strategy

Business owners need to feel confident that all the levers they control are set for an optimal return on investment. Setting this up empowers our clients to succeed with their revenue streams intact, growth strategy in place, manageable debt and a clear path forward for future trade.

This method relies entirely on reacting thoughtfully to the current environment, avoiding panic and understanding the subtleties of external opportunities such as stimulus packages and emerging market gaps.

We fully understand the complexities of the current landscape and are able to calmly converse with our clients and offer the strategic guidance they require. Those conversations often involve cash flow projections, minimising expenses, opportunity and risk analysis, systems refinement and business growth into the future. Often, simply knowing what the future will look like helps you plan and take control of your future. 

Our Team find this is very satisfying because helping people succeed running their business that improves your lifestyle is a great feeling.

From working with with the Team at Newmarket Accounts, I now have the clarity to view my business from a different angle and see the bigger picture. That is priceless and I am in control like never before.

Thank you for helping me resolve my accounts issues. Moving forward, I know what needs to be done to grow my business on solid ground.


We very much look forward to achieving fantastic results helping you build your business. With us on your team you can rest assured that your business will be sitting in an optimal position to take advantage of the new opportunities that exist right now.

Our Team

Luisa McMartin

VCFO, Senior Strategist

Luisa has been highly successful in business advisory for over 30 plus years, providing small and micro business owners and managers with the tools, resources and training to enable the successful growth and development of their businesses.  Luisa specialises in providing hands on training programs, consulting and coaching to ensure optimum results are achieved for each business that she works with.

Her expertise in operational efficiency improvement, customer advocacy insights and her strong employee engagement skills coupled with a candid, collaborative and creative personality means that she is able to provide inspirational and achievable best practice recommendations in change management.

Luisa has a very rare ability to be able to see patterns behind the numbers that others can’t which has delivered insightful analysis results leading to increased profitability.

Sally Wright

Virtual CFO

As a VCFO of Newmarket Accounts Sally has been steadily growing businesses with proven results, growing income by improving cash flow, building effective processes, procedures and pricing strategies to improve the bottom line.

Sally gives business owner’s the right tools to assist them grow their business with significantly improved income and freedom.

Most people know they have the ability to attain higher results, they typically just don’t know where to start. Sally has that map and her mission is to make transformations that secure the income, lifestyle and time that business owners set out to achieve.

Khalil Soussou

Senior Tax Specialist

Khalil has over 40 years of accounting experience in public practice and corporations,  he specialises in all aspects of accounting and tax work as well as mortgage brokering.  Khalil takes a lot of pride in serving the needs of individuals and small businesses with compliance to the law. Also, he provides advice and guidance for small businesses to manage their own superannuation contributions through self-managed super funds as well as supporting exporters to obtain government grants.

Khalil is always looking for the most efficient process that enables him to provide superior value in everything that he does and is adept at automation and AI integration into software solutions.

Khalil has excellent management accounting experience for Small Businesses, Budgeting and Cashflow projections, Payroll, BAS, Bookkeeping, and Automation.

stephen nicholson

Business Process Specialist

Stephen has been a Business Process Improvement Consultant for over 30 years. Stephen is a Certified Process Professional (CPP – Master), and qualified ISO Management Systems Auditor, specialising in Advanced Business Process Management (Outside-In BPM) with extensive experience which blends technical skills with business development, business process improvement and customer focused outcomes.

Stephen can help you define and improve your organisation’s business processes, improve your organisation’s performance, and improve your customer’s satisfaction.  Stephen also has vast experience in business process improvement, quality management systems auditing (ISO9001), business process management, engineering management, technical support, customer service,  product training.

Richard Laney

Business Grants Specialist

Richard has considerable experience in facilitation workshops, business planning, and improving marketing performance and productivity in medium-sized, high-growth businesses. He is well versed in the issues facing such companies and has much experience in introducing change, new methods, and technology aimed at achieving significant gains in corporate profitability.

Over the last few years he has worked extensively on a number of inter-firm collaboration projects, development of business networks, and supply chain management aimed at introducing quick response approaches to a number of clients in a wide range of industries.

Richard is currently working with many clients across a wide range of industries in assisting them in accessing Government Industry assistance programs such as R&D Tax Incentive, EMDG.

Richards Key Areas of Expertise are;

  • Strategy, marketing, and business development. This involves analysis, formulation, and implementation of strategies with client teams and “determining value from a customer’s perspective”.
  • Richard has extensive training experience and currently trains post-graduate students in developing and applying marketing and business strategy.
  • He has managed many projects on behalf of clients who have accessed government support programs such as R&D Tax Incentive, Commercial Ready (R&D), Export Market Development, Strategic Investment Program, etc.

Our Associations and partners

We belong to the Association of Virtual CFOs Australia – an organisation that supports virtual CFO businesses and promotes the achievement of quality outcomes for SME businesses.

We’re a proud member of the Virtual CFO Association Australia and are duly bound by its policies and principles. All CFOs working within the Virtual CFO Group are suitably qualified and experienced. You can be assured of expert, confidential CFO services at all times.

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