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Whether your business is in central Canberra, Canberra's Surrounding Areas or regional ACT, since we provide a virtual Service we can help you.

CFO/ Virtual CFO?

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has responsibility for all the functions in the finance and treasury areas of an organisation. In many organisations, they also have responsibility for related functions such as procurement, information technology and risk management.

In addition, they will be expected to add value by having a key role in:

  • Developing business models and strategies and giving significant input into their implementation.
  • Setting the parameters of the annual planning process and ensuring its satisfactory completion.
  • Identifying improvement opportunities and managing their implementation, especially in business processes.
  • Performing more complex financial analysis and providing valuable insights to optimise and improve your performance.
  • Being a key confidant of the CEO or Business Owner.
  • Managing your businesses financial operations and overseeing the accountant and bookkeeper’s work to make sure it provides the vest value. 

While the CFO has responsibility for ensuring all statutory and compliance issues are completed to the required level, a true CFO’s main focus is to be the key associate of the owner or CEO in delivering a financial strategy looking several years ahead.

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the differences between a Virtual CFO, Accountant and a Bookkeeper

A breakdown of the different roles of a VFCO, Accountant and Bookkeeper:


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After working with one of our clients for 1 year their profits increased 25 fold !!  This dramatic increase in profitability was achieved with zero extra dollars spent on marketing and was purely optimisation by our Virtual CFO team.

We love assisting business owners to optimise their business so it can become an even more profitable enterprise. So give us a call and we can work out how to help you build your business and the lifestyle that you want because that’s what we do.


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